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Sudoku, also known as Number Place, is a highly addictive puzzle game that was first seen and played in newspapers in late 19th century. Whether you are having a bit of difficulty when it comes to numbers or you are complete mathematics prodigy, these apps will certainly keep you entertained for hours. Although Sudoku puzzles are highly addictive, playing the same old kind would somehow still bore you in one way or another.

This free Sudoku app has other variants that will definitely keep you playing for hours and hours. This Sudoku app has 5 levels of difficulty, 10 different game variations, and puzzles for each game variation and difficulty level.

It also keeps statistics of your game sessions and saves your progress automatically. Still from the same developer who brought us Andoku Sudoku, Markus Wiederkehr, Andoku Sudoku 2 Free will keep you playing sudoku for longer periods of time. If Andoku Sudoku kept you entertained for hours, Andoku Sudoku 2 Free will definitely hold you captive for days.

Apart from the already awesome features like 6 game variations, 8 levels of difficulty, and a total of 10, puzzles, this app can be downloaded for free. Andoku Sudoku 2 Free also has the pencil option so you can easily erase your guesses.

You can play Sudoku in either portrait or landscape mode and you can configure the game to assist you. The assistance options include automatically checking for errors, automatic removal of pencil marks, and highlighting to reveal patterns. If you already have Andoku Sudoku, try this app, as well.

Double the number of puzzles to solve, double the fun. Whether you are a beginner or an avid player of Sudoku, this app is for you. With this, you can see how you are doing up on the leaderboards and probably get some OpenFeint points for every achievement. It also has the function to analyze the difficulty of a Sudoku puzzle to get the detailed list of required techniques to solve it.

This app is extremely customizable. It has the Sudoku Generator, Sudoku Solver, and Sudoku manager that allows you to create, delete, rename folders, and filter Sudoku puzzles according to their type and difficulty.

The Sudoku puzzles in this app can be played in either landscape or portrait mode and if you are left-handed, you can still enjoy playing the puzzles in landscape mode with great comfort and ease. Developed by NRSM, Sudoku Plus has an intuitive and simple user interface that conveniently lets the players concentrate more on the game itself rather than figuring out how the UI works. Simplicity sure does have some good points and with this app, having a simple UI is really appreciated. This app has 4, puzzles, a thousand each for the Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard difficulty levels.

Although the UI is simple, you can still customize how it looks through changing its theme.With 5 difficulty levels, intuitive interface, and all the functions right at your fingertips, this Sudoku app is sure to be your favorite. Exit Sudoku, and the puzzle is saved exactly as you see it! It is possible to create and play one's own Sudoku rather than let the application search for a puzzle.

create your own sudoku app

If you like a particular Sudoku, for example one that is printed in the newspaper, you can easily capture it and play it with our app. It is even possible to take a photo of the puzzle and let the app recognize it automatically.

This way you can play paper puzzles just in a matter of seconds. Learn and improve. Help humankind by playing this game. For each day that you play, we will donate a portion of the revenues to measures that save lives and relieve the suffering of people in emergency situations.

We support emergency medical care where it is needed most and are committed to affordable, high quality medicines for the world's poorest people. If you have any suggestions on how to improve the app, don't hesitate to write an email to henning devarai. Love this game! Very addicting and easy to play! Only small change I would like is to have the "number" buttons either bigger, or farther apart.

I regularly hit the wrong number on accident when trying to select the correct number, affecting my scores! All is good. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Henning Dierolf. Size Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 8.

Price Free. App Support Privacy Policy. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Sudoku Free. Sudoku Magic Lite Puzzle Game.Sudoku is one of the classic puzzle games played for a long time. It is one of the best brain teasers and keeps you hooked mentally for hours. Earlier, we have seen people playing it in newspapers and Sudoku books, but now the trend has changed moving onto the Android devices.

There are many Sudoku Apps available on the Play Store with plenty of versions of it to play. For providing you easier access, we have sorted out a list of 10 best Sudoku Apps for Android that are worth checking out. Starting off the list is Sudoku 2Go App with over 10, puzzles, 10 different variations of the game and 5 levels of difficulty for each variation. Got stuck at any point? Sudoku Free is an ultimate app with the simple yet beautiful interface, 4 difficulty levels, 3 input modes and is sure to be your favorite.

If you love challenges, then you can also have real-time competitions and submit scores and track progress online.

Best Sudoku apps for Android

The name itself indicates it offers 10, Sudoku puzzles to solve with eight variants, eight difficulty levels, six input methods and is sure to keep your brain scratching. There is also an option called Sudoku Editor with which you can create your own Sudoku puzzle from scratch.

The Sudoku Adventure app is beautifully designed for those who love to have some fun-filled adventure in the classic Sudoku puzzle game. It has a level story mode in which you are set to find 30 lost artifacts, and if you have completed the story mode, there is also a free-play mode with an unlimited number of Sudokus in three difficulty levels. Sudoku In Space takes you to joy ride of solving Sudoku puzzles to help Allen the Alien get back to his home planet.

There is a step-by-step tutorial mode for the new learners and the colors only mode for experts is sure to tickle your brains and skills. What makes it different from other apps is the space themed design and clean user interface for easy access. There are hundreds of uncommon puzzles with auto-save feature and three hints per puzzle for progress.

Simply Sudoku is the app with simplest of the designs and cool user interface for the lovers of classic Sudoku puzzles without many tweaks.

It has over puzzles with four levels of difficulty and more coming with every update. Additionally, it comes with Smart Keyboard option that displays only possible numbers and Hint button to help you complete the game.

Love playing against your friends? Then Sudoku Duel app is worth giving a try.

How to create your own Sudoku Pattern

Sudoku Duel features a turn-based gameplay for 2, and you can play against your Facebook friends, global opponents by just signing up for your account when you first log in. There are over 1,00, boards with 5 different game levels and also features In-game chat for easy conversation with your opponents. You simply need to grab a number and drop it to the cell. What makes it, even more, interesting is the different styles of play it features like classic, colors, icons and Roman numerals.

The developers of the Sudoku apps are trying hard to keep the game interesting by offering different varieties of the classic puzzle game. Sudoku Bingo app is one such offer from the makers that is sure to make you fall in love with the game. The Sudoku Bingo app offers two different versions to play: Classic and Rush. It features above levels to solve and, even more, to come with every update.

With this application, you can capture a sudoku you are trying to solve with the camera and it guides you through the game with the tips and hints. You can also generate your own sudoku with 9 difficulty levels from very easy to final.

These are the best Sudoku Apps available on the Google Play Store and are available for free of cost.

create your own sudoku app

We do have a Forum section for PhoneRadar where you can keep your thought related to any smartphone and can also join the present discussions on the Forum Page. Connect with us. Sudoku 2Go Free Starting off the list is Sudoku 2Go App with over 10, puzzles, 10 different variations of the game and 5 levels of difficulty for each variation. Comment what you think.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Game Development Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for professional and independent game developers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I'm trying to make a Sudoku puzzle generator. It's a lot harder than I expected and the more I get into it, the harder it gets! In step 1, since I'm using a brute force methods, I'm facing some run time issues.

Is there an optimal way of filling in a complete Sudoku puzzle? First I do have a puzzle generator application. But it's not part of the game's code. It' is a stand alone app that I use to make puzzles. It's highly modified so I can set it to create different pattern types, difficulty ratings, number of givens, etc.

Generating puzzles and getting a consistent difficulty level is hard to do on the fly and takes more time than a player would want to wait. So, I generate what I call "seed puzzles" and that is what is used by the game's code to generate the puzzles that people play. I'm not answering how to code a generator here. You can google and find tons of puzzle generator code online. Start there. But to make a good game you need to make a good game.

My game does not generate puzzles on the fly. The way my puzzle generator app works is that it generates thousands of puzzles per minute, but they're not all good and they don't all match a specific difficulty rating. The generator creates a puzzle, then solves it and figures out a difficulty rating, and scores the puzzle based on the techniques needed to solve the puzzle, and determines if guessing is required to solve it which is usually bad. It tosses out any puzzles that don't match a criteria.

For hard but not impossible puzzles, on a fast machine, it can take an hour to generate puzzles that match my exact specifications. This is why I don't do this in the app. Generating puzzles on the fly with those tough specifications wouldn't work for the quality of puzzles that I have in my app. So I run that app in 10 windows at a time all night to get the number of puzzles I need. The puzzles are strings, characters long, 81 characters with numbers and dashes or dots where the blanks are going to be, then another 81 with the solution.

Then columns for each of the stats, like how many singles, doubles, etc. My output from all the generation sessions are comma delimited lines with the stats as columns. I'll take maybe 10, puzzles, bring them in to excel, and sort them by difficulty. Then bring them into an app to see them on the game board. I also look at them for visual appeal and the visible patterns to the puzzle.

Then I hand pick from those.This feature packed rendition of Sudoku brings the supremely addictive classic to the iPhone with rich, bright graphics and completely absorbing game play.

One of my favorite apps that I use all the time! And the best version of Sudoku out there! I would give this a 5 star rating, but there are a couple issues. I used to have the original iPhone and the update broke the app so that it would no longer play. Very frustrating.

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I recently bought a new 4s and it plays great on this new phone. So, if you have an older phone running an older version of iOS, you probably won't be happy with this app.

Minor bug - if you type in notes too fast, the sound goes away. Minor issue - you can't tell how many boards there are or whether you've already completed that game before. Otherwise, this is an awesome app! I've tested many on other sites to make sure they have a unique solution and they pass there. It would be nice to at least have the option of saying "yes, I know it might not be solvable, let me try anyway" assuming that fixing the validation is hard Thanks for an awesome app!

One of my first and still one of my faves!! This is the best designed sudoku game out there, especially when playing against the clock. The tap feature makes this game so addictive, aso does the nice layout and design of how each number highlights when selected. The pencil marks feature works better than any other I have tried. Unfortunately, when I updated my iPad with the latest version, the game no longer comes in two sizes. I only liked playing it on the mini board, as for some reason, moving my eyes all around the big board gives me a headache.

I will miss this game until you do Requires iOS 3. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Description This feature packed rendition of Sudoku brings the supremely addictive classic to the iPhone with rich, bright graphics and completely absorbing game play.

Jul 9, Version 2. Bug fixes. Ratings and Reviews See All. Size 8.

Sudoku Play & Solve

Category Games. Compatibility Requires iOS 3. Languages English. All Rights Reserved. Price Free. Developer Website App Support. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.My iPhone runneth over with Sudoku.

It was a tough job, but somebody had to do it. Each of the three versions that made it through my screening process, and are covered here, satisfy the following requirements:. Uses a standard 9-bycell grid of numbers with nine square 3-bycell regions. Some Sudoku variants break the standard 9-by-9 grid into non-square geometric areas, or use colors or images instead of numbers. These markings are often called notations. Offers good usability: easy-to-use input methods, clear controls, and readable graphics.

The icons for Sudoku Vol. Unfortunately, none of the better Sudoku games available for the iPhone and iPod touch exclusively use symmetrical puzzles—those in which the pre-filled boxes called givens in opposing regions mirror each other. I tend to agree, but I didn't hold a lack symmetry against the candidates.

create your own sudoku app

It also provides a number of visual tools for helping you solve puzzles. You can turn off this feature if you don't want it.

A Hint button, which can be used three times for each puzzle, fills in a random unsolved cell. Finally, when all nine occurrences of a number have been entered, that number is grayed out on the onscreen keypad. You use this 9-digit keypad to enter notations and cell values. To make notations in a cell, you tap the cell, then tap the notation button, and then tap on the keypad the possible values for the cell. To solve a cell, you tap the cell, then tap the solve button, then tap the desired number.

Overall, Sudoku Vol. My only beef is that no matter which font you choose, the numbers used for notations can be difficult to read. Sudoku Vol. You can choose from six different fonts for numbers including Japanese Kanji characters and from six different backgrounds, and the music and sound effects can be separately muted.

Other features include a game timer and an online ranking system. But my favorite feature is that the game auto-rotates between portrait and landscape mode, automatically shifting the controls from the bottom in the former to the side in the latter. My only major complaint about Sudoku Vol. The folks at Freeverse have a reputation for producing campy games with attractive visuals, and Big Bang Sudoku is no exception.

You enter notations and cell values using a row of numbers across the bottom of the screen, although the process is different from the one used by Sudoku Vol. To enter notations, you tap the pencil button at the bottom of the screen to switch to notation mode, then follow the same procedure.

Although this entry system is simple and understandable, I found it to be a bit of a hassle for entering multiple notations in a single cell; if I wanted, for example, to note that a particular cell could be a 3, 5, or 8, I had to tap 3, then the cell, then 5, then the cell, then 8, and then the cell again. With the input method used by the other two apps covered here, I could simply tap the cell and then tap 3, 5, and 8. Other features include an option to show all incorrect moves you can toggle this display on and off, via the Options menu, to quickly view your mistakes ; the ability to mute sound; and a game timer.

Which is good on two fronts: the original game was pretty good, and the new input method makes the game much more enjoyable. You can choose the difficulty level before each game, although you must solve a Hard puzzle to unlock Very Hard, and solve a Very Hard to unlock Insane.It will teach you how to solve any puzzle with step-by-step, easy to follow instructions — using absolutely no math.

Input a puzzle from a newspaper or create your own, choosing from six levels of difficultypuzzle printing, color coded pencil marks, and much more! Click here to get it now. Are you intimidated by Sudoku? This program will teach you how to solve any Sudoku puzzle using no math!

It looks like a crossword puzzle, but with numbers. At first glance it may look intimidating, especially to those with an aversion to Mathbut you will quickly find it is a highly addictive game. And, contrary to popular belief, it involves no Math whatsoever.

The word Sudoku is derived from a Japanese phrase meaning "the numbers must occur only once". The puzzle is a grid of 81 small squares. There are nine rows, nine columns, and nine larger squares called blocks indicated by the thicker lines.

The objective is to figure out the numbers 1 thru 9 that go in all the empty squares. The only rule is that no number may appear more than once in any row — or any column — or any block. A Sudoku puzzle has only one solution, and you can find it using logic. The puzzle is solved when all the squares are filled in. That's it! It will teach you, step by step, how to use logic to solve the puzzle. You'll never have to pay for another Sudoku book again.

See our review at PCWorld. Click here to see our review in PC World Magazine. Also, a special thanks to Learn-Sudoku. It only takes a minute to learn:. Sudoku is that new game that has been popping up lately in every newspaper and magazine around.


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